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E-marketing tools are programs developed by a group of companies and institutions. Which would primarily help e-marketers complete a lot of work. It contributes greatly to the conduct of their business as marketers.

E-marketing tools save online marketers a lot of time, effort and effort. Free and paid ones are also available. Some of these tools require marketers to pay a monthly fee in order to use them.

However, some of them are free and the price of electronic marketing tools depends on the value and importance of what these tools provide. Especially since some e-marketing tools contribute very significantly to completing the business of marketers.

In this article, we try to focus on e-marketing tools related to the social media field, or as it is known as social media.

Especially as it represents the importance of influencers, social media pioneers and page owners as well as online marketers, here are 22 of the electronic marketing tools in the field of social media.

Outgrow :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool provides the ability to know a lot of information about customers. Knowing their opinions about the products they desire, as this contributes greatly to increasing the number of sales. Where the tool provides a set of surveys that customers will answer.

Especially it helps to know customer reactions about the products they buy. So that these products are developed to suit their needs later.

SwipedOn :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool is used to manage both visitors and clients. As it is a suitable tool for all companies, regardless of their size and whether they are profit-oriented or not. Many companies sign agreements with their clients from all over the world through this tool.

Many other things can be done, such as sending notifications to customers. Also, company owners can track employees and know their attendance and departure times. As it is considered a very wonderful tool that helps to complete many administrative matters from a distance smoothly and very easily. :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool helps social media users and website owners create LOGO logos. No, it is not necessary to use graphic designers, especially in light of the presence of this tool.

It enables the user to design professional logos very easily and needs to have background design. This tool provides a commission of 50% of the profit for each sale made through “e-marketers” brokers.


The best e-marketing tools

With this tool, users can create a profile containing all user information. In addition to linking all their accounts on social media on one page.

As this page is the link that brings the user accounts together. It makes it easy for your followers, when it comes to finding their fan pages on various social media platforms.

Iconosquare :

The best e-marketing tools

It is a tool for social media. It provides users with the ability to analyze the performance of their pages on social media.

Especially as it analyzes performance by looking at the statistics of user pages on social media websites. It can also schedule publications, in addition to allowing competitors to monitor the performance of competitors.

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Insense Ads, Inc:

The best e-marketing tools

This tool is used by social media users to provide professional content. It provides the ability to create free content, especially as it provides a tool for editing videos, converting images into videos, adding audio clips, and more. This is to create free professional content.

It also provides a group of professional content creators who create professional content for those looking to obtain professional content for a fee. Where users can use the content on their pages on their social media or use it to promote their pages in advertising campaigns.

Justuno :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool primarily aims to analyze data on the number of visits and increase the number of sales made. This tool provides a set of features such as identifying visitor data, analyzing this data for “customers” visitors and knowing customer behavior on the page.

This tool also provides the ability to complete purchases through pop-ups that appear in the corner of the conversion page. As this tool is a treasure for everyone who marketed social media sites and analyzes the data of visitors who are transferred to the conversion pages for purchasing products.

Crowdfire Inc:

The best e-marketing tools

This tool is considered the best for social media pioneers like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites.

It helps users manage their account on social media in one place. With the ability to schedule their posts. So that it is published in specific times without the need to publish it manually and in each site separately, and this tool is the best for everyone who owns more than one account on social media sites.

eKomi :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool is of great importance to everyone who trades online, whether by providing services or products to clients. This tool enables entrepreneurs to know the reactions of their customers. This is done by following up and reading their assessments made through this tool.

This tool provides a system through which customers leave their comments and review the products they have purchased. Especially because this helps entrepreneurs to develop the service or products that they sell. This ultimately contributes to future sales.

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Octane AI:

The best e-marketing tools

This tool provides the ability to complete sales operations through the social networking site , the most prominent of which is Facebook. It provides merchants with the ability to communicate with customers and chat via email and chat windows smoothly and very easily, which helps to increase sales and achieve greater return.

SocialBee :

The best e-marketing tools

It is considered one of the best tools for social media. This tool allows people who have a lot of accounts on different social media sites to be able to manage their account through one place with the classification of content and posts according to their types. With the ability to save posts for reading at a later time, with the ability to schedule posts at specific times as well.

Publicfast :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool acts as a middleman between social media influencers and advertisers. It helps advertisers find the best influencers to advertise their products on social media websites, especially as influencers have become very important. This is because they have an impact on their followers.

This tool is the best option for celebrities on social media who want to make profits by posting ads on their accounts on the electronic communication sites.

Elokenz :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool is one of the most powerful e-marketing tools on which social media celebrities rely. Especially since it uses an algorithm that analyzes data for posts on user accounts and to find out which of these posts are more effective and popular.

This post is then used to be reposted. This is to attract more visits, increase the popularity of the account holder, and get more followers. Where it is possible through this tool to know the most influential posts with followers, in order to increase the quality of posts preferred by followers.

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Gain :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool provides users with the ability to create targeted and professional marketing content. Where a lot of bloggers as well as celebrities rely on social networking sites who want to provide marketing content to advertise their products and services to their followers on their account as well as on their websites.

This is what this tool provides them with. Where it is also possible to pre-publish the content and then obtain assessments about the quality of the content and whether it needs to be modified or not. This is to achieve the best formula that can be used in marketing a product.

Article Writing Company:

The best e-marketing tools

This tool also provides the ability to create professional content. Where a number of content creators of all kinds are provided for blogs and websites. As well as advertising or marketing content in addition to the content of social media sites.

Therefore, this tool provides its services to many groups, whether site owners, account holders or pages on social media, as well as influencers Influencers as well.

ShopMessage :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool provides the ability to get more customers through the chat program of the social networking site Facebook. As it is communicating with customers through this tool and obtaining many clients especially that this increases the return very significantly.

Format :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool helps users to make a “Portfolio”, which is known as the achievements file. It is used to store and archive a person’s business. It is primarily designed for many other purposes such as presenting these works to clients to preview previous works.

Portfolios may wish to make designers, programmers, website and application developers, as well as social media influencers, to review their work. This tool provides the ability to design a Portfolio page with great ease and professionalism.

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Jooicer :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool contributes to getting more followers on social networking sites, especially on Twitter, and what is unique about the Jooicer tool is that it brings in followers who are really interested as they are not randomly brought in and therefore it is advised for anyone who wants to get more followers on Twitter using This tool.

PixelMe :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool contributes to creating a short link to pages and websites where users are converted to pages using short links instead of long links.

What is unique about this tool is that it provides a control panel through which you can follow the links that were created and know the number of clicks that were made on these links and the number of visits that were made during them, as these links are very good.

Especially for everyone who wants to create a special ad campaign and that short links show better effectiveness than long links in advertising campaigns in addition to having statistics about these links is also good for e-marketers.

RocketLink :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool contributes to creating short links to web pages as well. These links are used in advertising and advertising campaigns and are considered easy to save.

So that customers can save and access them without having to refer to the advertisement. What is unique about this tool is that it provides statistics about the links that are established in terms of the number of visitors and the number of clicks.

StoryChief :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool is the best option for e-marketers who want to create marketing content that conforms to SEO standards. Content is created for search engines and this tool provides a set of plans that suit many users at reasonable prices.

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Soon :

The best e-marketing tools

This tool is used in scheduling businesses and employee shifts in companies as well as in small projects, as this tool provides entrepreneurs with a system that ensures the workflow easily and smoothly without any obstacles causing the slowdown in work.

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