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47 Remote tools to assist you during the Corona virus cris

The coronavirus, universally known as covid19, has become a major threat to humans in all respects. Especially since no effective treatment for the virus has been found yet. There are many countries that have difficulty controlling the spread of the disease.

Among the most prominent among them is the state of Italy, and unfortunately, a large number of Arab countries are suffering from the spread of the virus, such as Egypt, the Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where the number of infected people in Saudi Arabia exceeded 7 thousand people and it was confirmed that there are deaths, as the government is taking measures that control the spread of the virus.

It imposed curfews and postponed studies. This has caused many people to stop working, and therefore many people find it difficult to complete their work today.

Therefore, we tried during this article to provide you with a set of remote work tools that would help people to complete work remotely and work from home without worry or fear of infection with the Corona virus. Where remote work tools represent a future gateway for everyone who wants a bright future. Here are 47 remote working tools to help you through the Corona Virus crisis.

Buddy Punch :

Remote work tools

It is a remote work tool that helps business owners and projects manage employee hours. Where the tool performs human resource management work, which is to follow the times of attendance and departure of clients and the duration of their attendance with work. What is unique about this tool is that it can be used either from a computer or a smartphone.

Packhelp :

Remote work tools

Back Help is one  of the remote working tools in which users can pack and ship their products anywhere in the world. What is unique about this tool is that it allows users to design the shape of the packaging in which products are transported in terms of the shape, judgment and colors used in their design.

Opencare :

Remote work tools

This tool provides users with the ability to find dentists as quickly as possible. Where you feel pain in the teeth, this tool can be used to find the best and closest dentists from where you are.

The tool provides an assessment of each doctor, where he is, and how close he is to the disease or the person searching for him. Dentists can also use this tool as it greatly helps them to find clients.

TaxJar :

Remote work tools

This tool helps business and enterprise owners complete their tax calculations. Especially since business owners are often preoccupied with maximizing sales. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave the accounting work for those who master it and focus on sales and profits. This tool is recommended for business owners and sellers.

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UniTel Voice :

Remote work tools

This tool helps entrepreneurs complete their business from anywhere in the world. It is one of the remote work tools that helps business owners to receive phone calls and messages as well as fax wherever they are.

Where the tool connects the number of employers to their phones. As well as computers, which allows receiving calls and messages through these devices and from anywhere in the world.

Publicfast :

Remote work tools

This tool gives influencers “social media pioneers” access to funds. It connects them with companies and people who want to create advertising and marketing campaigns. Especially since influencers play a major role in influencing the opinions of their followers.

They can market a product for a company and in return they get paid. Publicfast acts as an intermediary between influencers “publishers” and companies wishing to market “advertisers”.

ProductionCrate :

Remote work tools

This is one of the best remote working tools that is recommended for video editors. It provides a library that has many visual and audio effects as well as images that can be used to insert and edit professional videos.

This tool is also used by many entrepreneurs to create marketing videos for their products and services. Especially since this tool is easy to use and does not require the user to have experience in editing videos.

Reply :

Remote work tools

This tool is very useful for business owners, especially those that are done through the Internet. It provides the ability to auto-reply to customers by sending emails. Thus, the owners of this business can follow the clients automatically, which helps in maintaining the customers, increasing sales, and thus increasing profits.

CakeHR :

Remote work tools

This tool works with all business carried out by HR departments in companies. As it allows the management of all employees ’work, starting from organizing shifts of work and tracking employee attendance and departure times. The tool also provides reports and statistics on the company’s employees.

Gain :

This tool provides the ability to provide content for both website owners and social media page owners. As well as for companies wishing to obtain marketing content. The tool provides a number of bloggers with high-quality writing skills who are able to complete assignments as quickly as possible.

Sellfy :

Remote work tools

One of the best remote working tools that provides the ability to create an online store where you can sell products online very easily. This tool facilitates a lot of work for entrepreneurs, especially as it is considered one of the best electronic store platforms that exist today.

Where a lot of sales can be made online and used by more than 300 thousand people from all over the world.

Ownr :

Remote work tools

This tool helps people wanting to start their own business. It is considered as a guide especially because it helps users from building the project to creating the brand for the project.

As well as helping to create a commercial bank account through which all the banking transactions related to the project can be completed. This tool facilitates the process of starting a new business, especially for novice business owners.

Futrli :

Remote work tools

This tool provides statistics and data analysis for business such as small projects. Then it analyzes this data and forecasts the performance and activity of the projects.

This gives the owners of these projects the opportunity to expect sales in the near future. As well as knowing the effectiveness of the project at the present time as this helps the owners of these businesses in making correct decisions.

DigitalMaas :

Remote work tools

This tool markets e-marketing to entrepreneurs and companies. Where a lot of entrepreneurs rely in marketing online for the products and services they provide. This greatly helps the growth of business projects and increases profits and sales.

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Veem :

Remote work tools

This tool also helps many project owners and companies to send and receive money outside and inside countries from all over the world. This tool provides project owners with the ability to create an account through which they can start receiving and sending money from all of the world, very easily.


Remote work tools

This tool enables companies and projects owners to find employees. It replaces human resource management, especially with regard to finding and recruiting employees.

The tool provides a number of persons nominated for a job. Then some tools are provided through which these employees can be filtered and nominated so that the most qualified persons for the job are found.

SalesHandy :

Remote work tools

This tool allows entrepreneurs to email marketing. It provides the ability to manage marketing campaigns via email very effectively.

Her work includes starting from scheduling the times for sending e-mails, following up on these messages, communicating with customers, and providing statistics on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the reactions of potential customers “people who were sent”.

Recruitee :

Remote work tools

This tool helps project owners, companies and managers get the most qualified employees for the job. The tool provides a very cool system in which people can apply and be nominated. This helps to employ the most qualified people for the job.

Bambee :

Remote work tools

This tool helps to find a director of the Human Resources Department to manage the company’s personnel. And for $ 99 a month. This tool is recommended for small and medium businesses.

Especially since the role of HR manager is very important. In addition, the monthly salary is considered very good if compared to the salaries of human resource managers in other companies.

JivoChat :

Remote work tools

This tool provides e-shop owners with the ability to communicate with customers through a small chat window through which they can answer customer inquiries and answer all their questions.

This provides a good technical support system. Where the customer is contacted by phone, through the website or by e-mail.

ShopMessage :

Remote work tools

This tool enables business owners to complete sales online. Where the customer is communicated, especially those on Facebook, through this tool, in addition to that, customers are transferred from Facebook to the store, which increases the sales and achieves the maximum profit possible.

SurveySparrow :

Remote work tools

This tool helps to conduct polls. Where many entrepreneurs want to conduct these surveys, especially as they greatly help in making decisions about commercial projects, the more accurate these surveys are, the more decisions are made, and thus increases the success of the projects.

Spark Hire :

Remote work tools

With this tool, you can find and hire people who want to work. Where it is possible to conduct job interviews by making video calls over the Internet and from anywhere in the world.

This tool is very useful, especially for business owners, especially as it helps them find the right people to work and who have the skills to complete the business.

monday.com :

Remote work tools

This tool contributes to remote management of company employees’ businesses. Where it is possible to define employees’ shift shifts and define the tasks of each employee during a specific period of time.

Many managers rely on this tool. Especially in remote businesses such as companies that allow for the possibility of working from home, where many people work from their homes during the ban due to the spread of Corona virus.

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Paymo :

Remote work tools

This tool enables remote project management. As it is possible to classify the tasks in terms of the tasks that are required to be implemented, the tasks in progress and the tasks that are completed, in addition to defining the tasks for each employee and determining work times and times of completion of tasks. The tool’s role is to ensure a smooth and seamless completion of business.

LogotypeMaker :

Remote work tools

This tool enables the professionally designed “logo” logo. The advantage of this tool is that it is easy to use. As it does not require that the user have experience in the field of design.

Rather, anyone can design a professional logo very easily. This tool is good for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs or companies wishing to obtain a professional logo that expresses their business.

Freshchat :

Remote work tools

This tool allows you to communicate with customers wherever they are. Where they are contacted with all possible means and on all available devices, whether tablets or smart phones. As well as computers, where they can communicate with them through social media platforms as well.

VisualCV :

Remote work tools

This tool helps users to create a professional CV. Where it is possible to obtain a number of templates and designs very distinctive for the resume with the possibility of downloading for personal use. Through the website of this tool, people can edit templates, create their own CV and protect it in PDF format.

Hive :

Remote work tools

This tool helps entrepreneurs and companies that provide home-based business opportunities to manage business and employee-specific tasks. Where employees are divided into a group of teams, so that the relationship of each team to the other and the work tasks of each team are determined, and this tool ensures that the work is done smoothly without any obstacles.

Freshdesk :

Remote work tools

This tool provides companies owners with technical support service, through which they can communicate with customers, answer their inquiries and try to solve all problems facing them. This tool is very distinctive for companies that provide services or products so that through this tool can follow customers and communicate with them.

Proof :

Remote work tools

This tool allows website owners to configure their website. The site design can be modified, add buttons and links, and change the colors and images inside the webpage.

This tool is mainly used to modify the sites, especially the commercial sites continuously. So that the interface design that enhances visitors’ purchase of products or services provided by the company is reached on its website.

Pastel :

Remote work tools

This tool provides graphic designers, especially those who design website destinations and smartphone application destinations, with the ability to review their designs.

So that these designs are tried by a group of people who give their opinions on the design and whether it needs adjustments. This assists designers in arriving at the best design that enhances the user experience of the site or application later.

Format :

Remote work tools

This tool helps build and design a portfolio identification website. Where the user creates the entire site as well as its design. As some tools are provided through which to do this, this tool provides a set of ready-made templates and designs that can also be used directly.

Here is a set of marketing tools that you can use.

Focuster :

Remote work tools

This tool helps to schedule user tasks and tasks. Where the tasks are determined and the deadline for each task determined, while setting priorities for the implementation of these tasks.

What is unique about this tool is that it helps the user to complete his work easily and achieve his own goals especially. And that this tool helps people to manage both the time and effort of the user in a way that helps him achieve his goals that he seeks to achieve from the beginning.

NiceJob :

Remote work tools

This tool helps online store owners. As well as companies that provide their services on the Internet in obtaining the reactions of previous clients in the form of written reviews expressing their experience with the product or service that they have purchased.

These reviews help gain the confidence of many new customers. Especially if these reviews are positive so that they are presented to new customers to show the satisfaction of previous customers with the service or product.

promo.com :

This tool provides the ability to create professional videos. Where is provided a set of tools that would help the user to produce distinctive videos without the need to use the professional video design professionals. As this tool does not require that the user be an expert in video editing programs especially since it is easy to use.

Many online marketers use this tool. This is to create marketing videos for a product or service where through this tool you can create videos easily and quickly.

Bookmark :

This tool is used to create websites from design to coding. The unique thing about this tool is that it provides the ability to create websites for anyone. As it does not require that the user have previous experience in designing and developing websites.

Katana – Smart Workshop Software:

This tool is used to manage customer orders from online stores. Where it is possible to identify all orders and know the products that were shipped and sent to customers and the completed orders, etc. Where the user has data on all orders made on the store.

Breezy HR :

This tool helps to attract new corporate employees very easily. As it is possible to find and hire many qualified and qualified employees to do a lot of work very easily. This tool saves company owners the hassle of looking for employees.

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Unbounce :

This tool is used to create and design “Landing Page” pages that are used by many entrepreneurs, especially those who sell many products online.

Where customers are directed to this page when clicking on the advertisement during which the user is directed to the direct payment page to purchase the product. It also reviews all details of the product or service being sold.

Looka :

This tool provides the ability to design a logo. Where users are provided with a set of tools and options that enables the design of a professional logo.

This tool uses a lot of amateur people who want to get a logo as well as people who do not have high design skills, especially since this tool makes the logo design process as easy as possible.

Soundstripe :

This tool provides great importance, especially for content creators on the Internet, especially those who create videos. The tool provides a set of clips and sound effects that can be used free of charge in exchange for a monthly or annual membership through a small fee.

NapoleonCat :

This tool is used by e-marketers especially on social media. It provides them with a lot of help by providing statistics on their advertising campaigns.

It also helps in creating a marketing strategy based on a set of data that is provided by marketers. This strategy helps maximize the results of marketing campaigns and get many visitors and potential customers.

Findify :

This tool is used by store owners especially because it helps to maximize the “product” conversion rate, get lots of customers, and increase sales.

Where this tool uses artificial intelligence in the analysis of some data such as the behavior of visitors in the electronic store and the pages that they visit and other important data that would help in reaching the optimal equation that helps increase sales on the electronic store.

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Melodics :

It is a computer application that can teach people how to use various musical instruments. The instrument provides the ability to teach countless musical instruments such as the piano, and this instrument relies on many musicians, especially as it is considered a simulation of reality to a large extent. 

Needls :

This tool helps users, especially beginners in the field of electronic marketing on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, to maximize the results of marketing campaigns and increase the “Conversion Rate”. There are many tips and tricks that help create effective marketing campaigns.

Evernote :

It is considered one of the best tools for students. It is where you can take notes, manage tasks, and archive them. Where students can share files with each other while they are present in their homes where this tool contributes greatly to the process of distance education, which some consider the gateway to the future.

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